The impact of the build environment on our lives is enormous.

Buildings determine how we live together and how we experience our lives as individuals, and with building comes the responsibility to create a system where we handle raw- materials in a more advanced way. To achieve this it’s essential that we innovate our cooperation with others.

Apart from the Paris Climate Agreement, ROFFAA is convinced that we need to be smarter, more economical and therefore handle our built environment healthier and with care.

We are committed to building healthier and combining this with the development of new building products and applications.

We therefore design meaningful architecture, by which every project, even on the smallest scale, actively contributes to the greater importance.

The goal is to continue innovate in our sector. To achieve this we have to work together, join forces, share knowledge and above all dare.

Rotterdam is our base, the city from which ROFFAA works. Rotterdam is the robust city of labour, a harbour city, a city with a do mentality and an amazingly rich mix of cultures and nationalities.

ROFFAA is located in the multi- company building De Kroon and has a view on the Euromast and the historical windmill of Delfshaven. From this backdrop we design projects in the Netherlands and abroad.

ROFFAA is a team with a diverse set of backgrounds, so that we can inspire others in the team with our different way of thinking.

ROFFAA is established by Renske van der Stoep. Renske graduated as an architect at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design. Renske started ROFFAA in September of 2018 after a career of twenty years at offices such as; MVRDV, Inbo, Ector Hoogstad and KCAP Architects & Planners.

In June 2018, Renske also became the head of the architecture department at the master program of the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design. At the academie she follows the same program that she envisions for ROFFAA and has a goal to educate architects who are resilient and take responsibility for environmental and social issues.


The building construction is a complicated and relatively long process. A process in which communication between teams is essential. ROFFAA guarantees that we enjoy the process of designing and have fun in designing with all involved parties. We firmly believe that a good atmosphere and an open communication in a team leads to better results.

The communication is assisted by making physical models and building our story with diagrams and sketches to bring our collaborating partners along in the design process.

In our practice we are continuously working on our ‘New Material’ library. These could be materials that are new in our industry but are well developed in other sectors. Biobased / natural materials, circulair materials or residual materials also has our interest.

This means ROFFAA takes material into the design from an early stage and could even be the starting point of a design.

“Look at our project ‘Floating Bricks House’ to see our first prototype house”