And & And City

The ‘And & And City’ is a collection of building-blocks, solutions, for the future, a bundle of solutions that refer to sustainability, inclusivity and adaptivity. These building-blocks vary from water storing squares to changing car dominated infrastructure into green pedestrianized areas. ROFFAA believes that there is not one solution for this challenge, but we should do and & and…

Year 2018- present day

Status Active, Research

At ROFFAA we see the need for sustainable, climate adaptive and nature inclusive design. And fit these values in every project, on all scales. The collection of And & And city is a tool to whom we can recall while working on a project. Concepts and solutions which we see in our field of work and developed our by ROFFAA find themselves in the collection. It is a selection of building-blocks that potentially create the perfect city.

The following are building blocks for the perfect city:

Vertical farming in vacant parking blocks

Rainwater collection in underground parking spaces

Underground motorised traffic

Green roofs

Rooftop farms

Publicly accessible roofs

Roofs with rainwater collection

Wadi’s in shopping streets

Areas with slow rainwater filtration

soft river border

City/ river beaches

Green canopy

Publicly accessible courtyards


Circular materials

Bio-based materials

Building residual materials

“Keep adding solutions”

Team Renske van der Stoep, Georges Taminiau, Rêve Deijkers