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De Vaan

A redevelopment project designed as cornerstone on the crossing of Dordtsestraatweg and Vinkenbaan. A puzzle of volumes with special residential types adds upon the residential composition of Vreewijk in tune with contextual rhythms and character of the streetscape.

Location De Vaan, Rotterdam

Year 2021-heden

Project type Residential

Size 1.950 m²

Program Residential

Status Final design

De Vaan is a redevelopment project with a design of 15 residences as cornerstone on the crossing of Dordtsestraatweg and Vinkenbaan. The Dordtsestraatweg was an important dike at the northeast side of the Charlois polder with several old farms located along this road. De Vaan is one of the neighbourhoods in the South of Rotterdam built after the war. By the development of de Vaan, the Dordtsestraatweg was disrupted but the character of the village is still visible in the area nowadays.

The design of the building is a puzzle of volumes with special residential types, 5 basement residences and 10 bayonet maisonnettes. All living spaces are located at the side of the Dordtsestraatweg, to add a lively plinth to the street. The houses with surface areas between 80 and 100 m² are a nice addition to the residential composition of Vreewijk.

With setbacks and a scale jump, the design aligns to the two level neighbouring facades. The volume of the block builds up towards the corner. The prominent facade adds character to the streetscape, while the backside is more in the lee. Materials and plasticity of the facade are in tune with the context of the surrounding buildings. Terra colored brickwork at the streetside facades and setbacks with (reused) ceramic tiles.

Team Renske van der Stoep, Lars Fraij, Folkert Bil, Iris van der Heide, Rêve Deijkers, Nisa Calisir, Oguz Suicmez

Client Fullhouse Vastgoed

Partners IMd raadgevende adviseurs, Bureau Bouwfysica, DGM technisch advies, Gebroeders Verschoor

Photos/visuals Roffaa