Dockside @KCAP

Dockside is part of the urban redevelopment of the Saincteletteplein square in Brussels. The square is a mark of recognition along the embankment and offers a dynamic space for sustainable living in the city.

Dockside is a mixed program project. The project contains economical and cultural activities on the ground floor and tree residential towers to finish the whole. Dockside is designed around different vegetated spaces (a conservatory, vegetable gardens, green terraces and winter gardens) and a variety of communal spaces. Spaces that reinforce social interaction and cohesion.

Location Brussel, Belgium

Size 20.175 m²

Program Residential, Retail

Year 2017

Status Competition

“Dockside is designed around different vegetated spaces”

Architect KCAP Architects & Planners and DDS+ (shared copyright)

Role Renske van der Stoep Associate / Project architect

Client Urbicoon, Belgium

Visuals Vero digital