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Goud & Hout

Location Oostenburg, Amsterdam Year 2021 Project type New construction Size 3.049 m²  Program Residential, commercial Status Competition Goud & Hout, two blocks with a mixed program of living and working are designed as a duo with both their very own character: one in complete gold with an outstanding roof shape, the other materialised in wood with industrial details made from steel. Jointly they add upon the existing contrasts in character of the current urban context of Amsterdam Oostenburg.

Goud & Hout is designed as the capstone of Amsterdam Oostenburg.  This neighbourhood, with an industrial historical context is nowadays transforming into a lively residential and commercial area that is home to mainly young professionals, creative pioneers, families and expats.

“Goud”, with a golden facade and 24 residential units fills the gap between the existing apartment building and the robuste block of Hout, which closes the block as a warm and bold ‘bookend’. Goud is sheltered in between the two other blocks but stands out nevertheless by its materialisation in complete gold and outstanding roof shape.

“Hout” is faced towards the Oostenburgervaart and residents of this block enjoy a stunning view on the water in front. Life on the quay flows naturally over in the residential atelier and workshop spaces on the ground floor of Hout. Hout is detailed with steel materialised balconies and an industrial fire escape on the outside.

“Goud & Hout together make a bold and outstanding capstone of Oostenburg”

The hard working residents can fully enjoy the life on Oostenburg, but also find peace and privacy in the different patios, hidden behind the golden facade of Goud. Interaction between residents takes place in the secret open area on the ground floor, where the bike shed of the building is located as well.

Team Renske van der Stoep, Iris van der Heide, Rêve Deijkers, Jorien Rijper, Nisa Calisir Client OPEN development, Vink Bouw Partners Heeren Makelaars Visuals Vero Digital