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Henri Faasdreef

Henri Faasdreef: a plot of land, appointed by the municipality of The Hague to be transformed into a temporal neighbourhood. This location required a simple concept to offer temporary residential units for independent former homeless people. These temporary residences are meant as a place for a target group that is ‘locked’ in the social relief system, but ready to move onto regular and independent housing.

Location Leidschenveen, Den Haag

Year 2021

Project type New construct

Program Temporary residences

Status Realised

"The design is focused to create a meaningful place from which the residents can re-enter society."

The simple design of the neighbourhood developed with a focus on appearance. Even though the residences are temporary, the private units and public space offer a qualitative and comfortable place to live. The separate residential modules are stacked and placed in four groups on wooden decks. These ‘islands’ connect the separate residential units and residents can move between the decks through wooden pathways.

The simplicity makes it possible to construct and install residences within three months: a fully-fledged house and completely independent place to live. The wooden decks and paths create an ensemble.

The separate housing blocks don’t appear lost in the current spatial context, but fit into the surrounding neighbourhood. A temporary neighbourhood with a friendly and semi-permanent appearance.

Team Renske van der Stoep, Iris van der Heide, Rêve Deijkers, Maël van der Giesen

Client Gemeente Den Haag, Bedmobile

Partners DMT Modular (hoofdaannemer), IQTA projectontwikkeling (technische uitwerking)

Photos Bedmobile