Hof te Dieren @KCAP

After the destruction of the manorial estate and its complementary carriage house in WOII, the Twickel foundation wished to develop a new notable estate including a secondary volume at the heart of the ‘Hof te Dieren’ court. Doing so the plantation of greenery becomes more meaningful and a source of income is created to maintain the landscape.

Location Dieren (NL)

Size 3.500 m²

Program Residential

Year 2016

Status Competition

Originally, the mansion was inhabited by only one family, in this new scenario however, seven to ten households are privileged to reside on this unique location. This new application calls for a different architecture. There is no literal reference to the pre-existing estate, nevertheless the ‘estate’ as a phenomenon has been an inspiration. On a domain such as this often follies (remarkable building masses that mark a specific location) were built. This was used in developing the design of the new estate.

In the main building eight panoramic houses are proposed. By cantilevering one third of each house, large terraces are created. By switching orientation on different floors, a star like volume amasses. As for the former carriage building, an inferior volume containing only two houses was designed to take its place. This building counts as much as two stories. The materials applied are similar to the main volume, being large surfaces of glass and white aluminum sheets combined with aluminum slats. As such a contemporary ensemble is created on an historic estate.

“By cantilevering one third of each house, large terraces are created”

Architect KCAP Architects & Planners (copyright)

Role Renske van der Stoep Associate / Project architect

Partners IMd Raadgevend Ingenieurs, Studio Bouwhaven

Client Stichting Twickel