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Restklezoor box

Location Rotterdam

Year 2022

Project type Installation

Size 9 m²

Program Exhibition

Status Design proposal

‘Upcycle Wall’ as part of the Upcyclemall is a flexible installation to show the possibilities of the Restklezoor, a waste product upcycled and applied to various of our projects. The facade is designed as an exhibition space with replaceable elements and space for improvement and experiment.

The Upcyclemall will be a place for enthusiasts and creative entrepreneurs to practise the circular economy using waste materials from the nearby waste collection centre. This place will be open for visitors to see, experience, learn, buy and take part in the circular economy as well.

The grid of the installation is filled with facade elements and the box forms a patchwork showing the various ways the Restklezoor can be applied. The Restklezoor is exemplary for a circular approach and this installation shows the possibilities of the product for a wide audience.

Curious? Take a look at the Restklezoor project page! Can you imagine this product was just waste?