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Rong Chong Chairs

A installation for the twentieth international furniture fair in Chengdu.

Location Chengdu, China

Size 700 m²

Program Exhibition installation

Year 2018

Status Competition

The visitor experiences a colourful and shiny installation constructed from tiny pixels. The shape flows through the event hall and marks the center of the space. She provides intimacy and space where needed, the shape functions as the natural link among the exhibition halls.

The colours and the shape of the installation relate to the Hibiscus, the flower of the city Chengdu. When you approach the installation and inspect the pixels you will recognise the shape of miniature chairs. The chair functions as an symbol for furniture.

Six versions in six colours inspired by the colours of the hibiscus flower.These chairs, designed solely for Chengdu or Rong Cheng (Hibiscus City) carry the name ‘Rong Cheng Chair (Hibiscus City Chair).

What happens with the objects when the fair ends?

We understand and support the concept of a temporary installation to influence the fair. But what happens with the objects when the fair ends?

To make sure that the installation has a purpose we propose to use the miniature chairs as a souvenir which can be sold to visitors of the fair. A special memory to the 20th international furniture fair in Chendu.

Team Renske van der Stoep, Georges Taminiau