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Tuinen van Zandweerd

Two families, two identities. In the design for two private residences in ‘the backyard of Deventer’, the different patterns of the households with their specific needs and preferences resulted in two distinctive designs woven into a semi detached house.

Location Deventer

Size 500 m²

Program Residential

Year 2021-now

Status Under construction

De Tuinen van Zandweerd is a residential project in the North of Deventer, with space and opportunity to fill in personal needs and preferences in the design. The new neighbourhood is an old spur of the IJssel river, close to nature and the green of the area. A variety of lots and houses create a nature inclusive neighbourhood constructed after the personal needs of the future residents. When you look around, you see the freedom to bring your own preferences and imagination into the design process.

Green paths meander between the built and unbuilt green plots. The houses meet the requirements of the so-called ‘checklist Nature’, through which inclusivity is integrated in the design process of all residences. The neighbourhood is also connected to a heat network that uses residual heat from the sewage treatment.

The semi-detached house of Frank & Liza and Bjorn & Shari is a lively illustration where you see optimal use of this freedom provided in the building process. The design is shaped by the preferences and needs extracted from the different identities and living patterns of the two families.

The house of Bjorn & Shari is the first house built with the Restklezoor applied in the facade. The Restklezoor is a waste product from the production of brick slips, applied by Roffaa as circular brick and building material. Some surprising elements are hidden behind the natural appearance of this ceramic material and the vegetation decorating the facade. The spaces at the upper floors are designed around the feeling of outside that is brought into the interior by the windows in the roof.

"We kunnen het soms nog steeds niet geloven dat we in zo'n bijzonder en mooi huis wonen. Elke dag genieten we weer van de leuke doorkijkjes en het uitzicht op het mooie groen."

The house of Frank & Liza makes up for a bold counterpart, with a materialisation of wood for the facade and steel for the roof. The wood tunes with the natural appearance of the neighbouring house and the spatial context, but gives a sleek and modern look. Where the family life of Bjorn and Shari is framed by cosy windows playfully distributed over the facade, the light in the house of Frank and Liza comes in through windows that fit the strict grid of the wood.

Team Renske van der Stoep, Folkert Bil, Rêve Deijkers, Lars Fraij, Jasper Büttcher, Iris van der Heide

Client Bjorn & Shari, Frank & Liza

Partners Hardijk Bouw, BBS Bouwadvies