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Week van de Eenzaamheid

Location Rotterdam

Year 2021

Project type Installation

Size 16 m²

Program Exhibition

Status Design proposal

With this installation for Week van de Eenzaamheid, Roffaa gives a face and voice to mrs. Vesovie through the exhibition of photographs by Margi Geerlinks. This harrowing story makes the reality of loneliness in our society visible through image, material expression and experience.

Mrs. Vesovie worked in the Netherlands to finance a house for her family abroad. She earned money by making wedding dresses, a memorable piece for the most beautiful day of someone's life. Though working hard, she did not earn enough to financially sustain her own living. After the sacrifice she made for years, her family decided not to care for her now she is an old woman.

From the outside, the container tells the story of this woman and the background of the person and situation. Inside the feeling of loneliness is expressed. Experiencing loneliness, feeling no one around you.

Loneliness is having memories, but no one around to talk to and share them with