Floating Bricks House almost finished

The construction of the Floating Bricks House is almost finished. This weekend the first guests will use the house and will experience the phenomenon of sleeping between floating bricks.

Graduation student at ROFFAA

“My name is Maurits Maas. I am a graduation student at ROFFAA from the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.
I conduct research into the use and upscaling of biobased and / or circular building materials in the built environment.”

Internship at ROFFAA

“Hi, I’m Nino Vogels and a student at Spatial Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. At this moment I’m doing my internship at ROFFAA. I’m very interested in architecture and that is why I want to learn more about how everything works in practice. At ROFFAA I get the opportunity to contribute to the design and execution of projects. Besides that, I learn a lot about how a starting company develops by working on their first assignments and creating a new visual identity.”

Renske van der Stoep in de Jury BNA Beste Gebouw van het jaar 2019

De 14e editie van BNA Beste Gebouw van het Jaar gaat 22 januari van start. Vanaf die dag zijn architecten en opdrachtgevers uitgenodigd om hun beste gebouw op www.gebouwvanhetjaar.nl in te zenden. De verkiezing wordt geleid door een zeskoppige jury met Jort Kelder als juryvoorzitter. Zij beoordelen de gebouwen in de categorieën Identiteit & Icoonwaarde, Leefbaarheid & Sociale Cohesie, Stimulerende Omgevingen, Particuliere Woonbeleving. De uitreiking vindt plaats op 17 mei 2019. De Volkskrant is ook dit jaar weer mediapartner.

Jury team

Juryteam: architecten en opdrachtgevers:

Bianca Seekles, ERA Contour
Jort Kelder, Juryvoorzitter
Jeroen van Schooten, Team V
Ferdi Licher, Bouwen en Energie
Renske van der Stoep, ROFFAA
Chantal Schoenmakers, IWT

Bron: www.bna.nl

BNA Beste Gebouw van het Jaar 2019 wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door:


FLTR: Rêve Deijkers, Ehab Al Hindi, Renske van der Stoep and Georges Taminiau
Photo by Hanna Radstake

The past three months ROFFAA has been working on its workflow and story. What will be our focus? What themes do we think are important or worth to research? To create a platform for these topics we are starting up some small projects to develop our knowledge and vision in the same time.
The innovative themes we’re focusing on for this moment are:

  • new materials for a healthier world
  • new applications for existing materials
  • water buffering systems on architectural level
  • connected roofs as public space 
  • compact housing typologies for the city

We hope to share more about it soon.

Four in a row

Rêve and Renske signing

The fourth member of ROFFAA will be Rêve Deijkers. Rêve has graduated as a Spatial Designer at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. During his internship he worked for Felixx Landscape Architects & Planners in Rotterdam. He is a conceptual and a critical thinker. Rêve will start the 1st of November. Welcome Rêve!

Welcome Ehab at ROFFAA

Ehab brought a home made ROFFAA cake

We’re so happy to announce that Ehab Al Hindi will join ROFFAA. Ehab studied architecture and urbanism in Damascus at the International University for Science and Technology, where he received his bachelor’s degree. In 2014 he came to The Netherlands. This year he started his Master at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design, where Renske is Head of the Master program Architecture.
Ehab will work at ROFFAA as an architectural designer four days a week  and on Friday he will be at the Academy (like Renske). Welcome Ehab!

ROFFAA has doubled

Georges and Renske signing and shining

Architect Georges Taminiau will join ROFFAA from the 1st of October. Renske and Georges know each other from a business field-hockey competition in Rotterdam, where they played in the same mixed team. Thereafter they became colleagues at KCAP Architects&Planners.
Welcome Georges!

Renske van der Stoep leaves KCAP

KCAP Architects & Planners

Renske van der Stoep has decided to terminate her partnership with KCAP. Partially due to her recent engagement in the formation of a vision as head of Architecture for the master’s program of the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture (RAvB), Renske desires to focus more on developing her vision and to establish her own office.

KCAP supports Renske in her decision to follow her own path and will work together with her in the new situation. As of September 1st, Renske will end her activities at KCAP.

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New Heads for The Rotterdam Academy

FLTR: Thijs van Spaandonk, Renske van der Stoep and Hinke Majoor at the RDM Campus in Rotterdam

Renske van der Stoep has been appointed as head of the master’s program in Architecture at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture (RAVB). Renske succeeds Job Floris, who held this position for eight years. Together with Renske, Thijs van Spaandonk will start as head of the Urban Design master’s program and succeeds Wouter Veldhuis. Up from the start of the new academic year 2018-2019, Renske and Thijs will form the face of the academy’s master’s programs and will be responsible for their key element: design education.

Together with Margit Schuster (not in the picture) and Hinke Majoor, Thijs en Renske form the studio team.

More info:
Rotterdam Academy of Architcture and Urban Design

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